Legacy & Memoriam Donations

AADC Legacy and Memoriam

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy is designed to inspire people from all walks of life and income levels to think beyond their own lifespan when doing good deeds. Think just how much could be done if all of us remembered a favourite charity or cause in our will or estate plan? The outcome would be immeasurable!

Leaving such a legacy to the AADC Research Trust is a wonderful way to ensure your generosity continues to support the ongoing crucial research into what is effectively a life threatening disease with many complications. To bequeath a gift in this way, however big or small, will go directly towards continuing research and essential studies into this rare condition and provide hope for the future. Lives will eventually be transformed and children worldwide will ultimately benefit from everyone’s lasting kindness and generosity.

In Memoriam

Making a donation to the AADC Research Trust in this way is a wonderful tribute, particularly to anyone who loved children and who would have been unhappy to see them suffer the distressing extremes of this disease. Every donation made in memory of a loved one, however great or small, will very much help the AADC affected children worldwide who are in so much need of support.