Justgiving Sponsor Pages

Justgiving Sponsor AADC
The great thing about the Justgiving website is that fundraisers can set up their own online sponsor page. So should you decide to gather sponsors to support you in perhaps more sensible events than a hazardous hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, or a sponsored sink or swim on a homemade raft down the Amazon, then ‘justgiving’ can help devise your sponsor page, showing us as your nominated charity.
This means that apart from also trundling round everyone you know you can also effortlessly email the completed sponsor form to all your online friends, neighbours and business colleagues in an effort to secure a maximum number of sponsors, with little effort required in return on their part - except of course to reach for their lovely credit cards!


For those people who are generously donating to the UK from overseas using credit cards, please ensure that the amount you enter on the justgiving page is in STERLING.
Many thanks...