Justgiving Gift Pages

AADC Gift Sponsorship Justgiving

Create a kindhearted personal GIFT sponsor page for those special occasions in life and raise generous funds for your favourite charity!

Instead of ending up with lots of ‘live without’ gifts throughout the year which you really feel you would rather not have received, here is a caring, generous alternative for the future that will leave you feeling warm inside. For all those personal annual calendar dates where kindly, but unwanted celebratory gifts arrive, like birthday ‘treats’ or the ‘year on year’ similar presents of the festive season, or maybe anniversary offerings that are so not needed, why not instead advise all your friends, family and work colleagues that you have a lovely, easy alternative for them! Even those who are getting married but already have everything they need can use this contemporary option to avoid a multitude of kettles and toasters arriving on the special day!

It’s an easy answer! Just go online, choose and set up the appropriate page and then ask all those involved to instead be kind enough to donate the specific cost of your personal gift to your chosen highly admirable cause - the AADC Research Trust. It is so simple for all your friends, family and work colleagues to do, no more shopping around, worrying over choices, just the click of a button and job done! And we can of course help you through the set up stages if you wish. So, wherever you are in the world and whatever your celebration just set up your own page; we will welcome your fantastic ideas for further pages to add to our website. Just let us know!

Rest assured that every penny raised from sponsor pages will of course be put towards funding our continuing commitment to research into this profoundly debilitating disease. Your valued contribution, however small will go directly towards all we are trying to achieve for sufferers of AADC.

Thank you so much for choosing this generous way to help us!