Justgiving Donations

Over six million people have helped to raise over £340m for 5,598 charities using the website services of ‘justgiving’, and we are one of those lucky ones who can now take advantage of the great benefits available from this ‘online benefactor’. Its ultimate goal, with your help, is to raise as much money as possible for us!

‘Justgiving’ is a user-friendly site where people can make donations to their given charity online, in a quick, easy and tax-friendly way. For example, if you are a ‘tax-payer’ wishing to donate £10 to the AADC Research Trust just follow the simple instructions on the ‘justgiving’ site and enjoy the fact that they go on to collect a further 28p per pound from the tax man on your behalf. Your gratefully received donation to AADC has now grown into a fabulous £12.80!

This however, should not deter our non-taxpaying friends and supporters from using the ‘justgiving’ site to make donations to the AADC Research Trust, as we will of course still happily accept your very kind contribution. All it means is that the 28p per pound from the Taxman won’t be added to the original gift in this case - but of course, no problem it is still very much appreciated.