PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS VIRAL FOR MY SON!! I made this video for my beautiful baby boy, Luke, he was diagnosed with one of the world's rarest diseases. Luke is the only Irish child diagnosed and the youngest in Europe. There has only been roughly 130 cases diagnosed throughout the world. It's a neurological and metabolic condition. Luke is affected daily and in every aspect of his life with this h...orrible genetic disorder Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency (AADC) Luke and others like him really need your help to find out more research and hopefully get a better effective treatment one day! We need your support and donations to help make this happen.

Please watch this video, share it, take part in the Cream Pie Challenge, upload your cream pie challenge video or selfie to www.facebook.com/creampiechallengeforluke and please donate money to AADC Research Trust through my just giving account https://www.justgiving.com/emma-styles1/ or if you have a UK Mobile network please text LUKE42 to 70070.

From mother to mother, parent to parent your first instinct is to protect and fight for your child in this world and that's exactly what I am doing for mine through the Cream Pie Challenge.Fill a PAPER plate with whipped cream, pie a friend or yourself and nominate 5 friends.

Lets get this viral and help us to help Luke, you could be truly changing our kids lives. Lets fight harder than AADC!!


  Check out Emma' story in the Irish Mirror



SPIN 1038, an Irish Radio Station in Dublin, Ireland has written an article featuring the #creampiechallengeforluke in aid of AADC Research! Absolutely fantastic achievement by Emma Styles, mum of 6 month old Luke who suffers with AADC deficiency. Please read, share and get involved!!







 Emma's emotional plea for help!


How brilliant is it to have a bestie like this ... possibly the absolute cutest #creampiechallengeforluke that you're likely to see! Well done Freya, I bet Lukey was proud of you! ... Whose next to be nominated!



What the Trust says about this challenge...

It is truly inspirational and brave of Emma Styles to create a challenge such as this to raise awareness and funds for AADC research after her son has only just been diagnosed with this rare brain disease.  We will of course get behind her and take part over the coming weeks and encourage participation by all.  As an international rare disease group you can imagine how difficult it could be to donate but it really only takes a couple of minutes, please do take part and do take the time to visit Emma's justgiving page if you are outside the UK and donate what you can. 

Every little helps!

Within the UK you can text donate to 70070 the words LUKE42 £2 to make a contribution but for all other participating countries please visit Emma's justgiving page and donate there.

Thank you all for supporting this challenge and lets help Emma get this viral.  100% of the proceeds raised will benefit all AADC affected children around the world...

Good luck Emma and thank you from all our children suffering this disease!

Lisa Flint (mum to Jake, sufferer of AADC deficiency)                                          Mananging Director of The AADC Research Trust