Spend and Raise AADC Research Store

Check out your amazing online buying options in top super stores such as IKEA, M&S, ASDA, MOTHERCARE and LITTLEWOODS or just consider treating yourself to a box of delicious THORNTON’S CHOCOLATES via our web shop link at SpendandRaise
Spend and Raise AADC shop

where you could possibly buy all your fabulous Christmas presents in one go without ever leaving the comfort of home. How easy can we make it for you? And in return, a percentage of your total purchase is donated to the Trust from the stores that you use to put towards the research and equipment funds that we all work so hard to raise. There are no inflated prices; you’ll pay absolutely no more than you will expect to pay in the same store on the High Street - maybe even a little less.

The commission you earn for us comes solely from the retailers pocket….fabulous – we all win!

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